Another Year bites the Dust!


Out with the old and in with the new! Bye 2019…hello 2020! What could possibly go wrong in 2020?!  Kidding..each thing that happens has to be looked at as a challenge or a lesson to be learned, otherwise, things can get real depressing.  Stay “up” for any challenges, remain curious and try to stay positive!  Who am I trying to convince?  Myself, of course, and anyone that reads this…   Positive thoughts, attract positive energy so it can’t hurt.  I admit it isn’t always easy to stay positive.

I am definitely feeling better and recovering well from my flu but have to say I don’t have the energy I had before my surgery, UTI and flu.  I am going to blame the lack of sunshine…it certainly has been a contributing factor.   With the days starting to get longer, I will welcome longer daylight hours.

Couple of stories for you..

First Story —-I was suppose to watch my nephew’s dog, Benji, for 2 weeks over Christmas while he was out of province.   With me feeling pretty sick, my nephew, found a last minute dog sitter east of the city.   Benji is a South Korean breed called a Jindo.   Now that is easy for me to remember.  I love a good “Gin” and “do” have them occasionally..  Look up the breed…apparently they are intelligent, loyal etc.

Now, I had watched Benji a few months back for 4 days.  He is a rescue and we believe he must of been abused.   He is very sweet but tends to be a little anti-social at times.  The biggest concern for me was when he is excited or anxious, he spins like a cyclone.  Just as he ended his stay with us, and just when he was getting use to us, he had to head home…  So, I figured if he came again and for longer, he would settle in really well.    Then I got the flu, which as you know, knocked the crap out of me…literally and figuratively. LOL    I figured with a fever, a few spins of the “Cyclone” would force me to collapse.

So back to his new found dog sitter…  A few days after being at his new place, the sitter who has 2 dogs of her own, took them over to another place to visit her in-laws for a few days.    Apparently, the dogs were let out for a pee break around 3 a.m. on Dec 19th and Benji didn’t return.   Benji is a city dog and is now roaming the country side north of Shelburne somewhere.  He was reported missing and a group called “Lost and Found Pets of Dufferin County” have a team tracking him.  Luckily, the weather has been warmer than typical but tonight we are in for some freezing rain.  The leader of the group told me that Korean dogs are the most challenging and are masters of survival.  They have his current general area and had 2 humane traps but the weather isn’t cooperating today.    I hope they find the crazy critter.

I know the sitter is pretty upset and it probably ruined their Christmas.  My nephew is sad as he is not around to help search.   I know I feel guilty because I am pretty sure he wouldn’t have gone missing on my watch if he was just brought here.   I have a fenced in yard…    Anyway, will let you know if he is found.

What Lesson can be Learned? Sometimes, sad/bad things happen but it is amazing how there are groups of people that go out of there way to try and find lost pets.   There are some great organizations out there and I want to give a shout out to “Lost and Found Pets of Dufferin County”.   I am following this group and they have been able to re-unite pets with owners.  I had no idea soooo many go missing.   I am trying to remain “pawsitive”    Hoping for a “happy ending”!!!

Second Story-My son wanted to buy his first car and bought it back in November, a nice 2010 Subaru Legacy Sedan.   It seemed to be fine and the dealer also gave us the safety certificate, certifying the car, was safe to drive.  These certifications are only valid for 36 days.  Now, my son is apprenticing at a car repair place and finally had a chance to look at the vehicle and found that the right ball joint was not good.  Now this certainly should have been identified in the safety certification.  We brought it back to the place we bought it and although we were 1 day from the safety expiring, the company, kept the car for a week and replaced the ball joint.  They called us to pick up the car and never charged us.   I was pleased and was thinking to give a positive review on social media UNTIL…..just before we got home.  My son was following us in his car home and we noticed he was stopped in the middle of the road halfway down the street and wasn’t moving.    My husband and I walked back to see what happened and the right wheel fell off his car!  We were in shock!  This was the very reason we brought it to get repaired so this would be avoided!! We are extremely grateful this didn’t happen on a main road which would have caused a severe accident hurting my son and/or someone else.  We called the dealer and after some words, we said, we were taking it elsewhere for repair but expected them to pay for the towing, the damages etc.  The tow was approximately $200 bucks.  The damage estimate is just over $2000.   We have called the dealer a few times, emailed a letter and expect him to respond.  The mechanic where my son works, has reported him to the ministry.   Apparently, the used car dealer mechanic did replace the ball joint but didn’t change the bolt to secure it and put on a smaller bolt than was necessary which fell off.   I can’t believe the damage it did..  This all happened on Dec 16th.      I am trying to remain positive and am hopeful this guy pays for all the work required because my son needs this car to get to and from college where he needs to complete courses for his apprenticeship.      I am worried we are up for a battle plus I want to make sure the work is done before my son gets to school on January 6th.  Safety first!

What Lesson can be Learned?  Another bad/sad situation?!!  Service is not what it should be?!  Pride of workmanship doesn’t exist?!  Well, Patience is a virtue.  I am actually being patient and waiting for the used car dealer to respond before taking further action.  If necessary I may have to take legal action or try other tactics.  Also, if necessary, may need to use social meeting to get the message out so other patrons of that used car dealership are warned about the shoddy workmanship or safety concerns.  I want to be fair and give the guy a chance…the only thing is it will be time consuming and likely stressful.  I am trying to remain positive and hope this story has a happy ending!

So I am somewhat glad 2019 is ending and look forward to what could possibly happen in 2020!

Shxt happens! I guess it is all the way you deal with it and move forward! One foot after the other….

Counting the days til 2020!!

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