Benefits of a Dietary Cleanse

There are many healthy cleanses out there but I decided to go for a quick one day reset.  The cleanse I chose was a juice cleanse and consisted of 5 juices, 1 nut milk smoothie and 2 boosters.   Boosters are like super shots delivering a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a concentrated dose.  

The juices tasted delicious and were all freshly made, cold pressed and certified organic.  For example, I started my day with a juice called “Be Clean” which was made with Kale, Celery, Granny Smith Apple, Parsley, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Dandelion greens and lemon.   Another was called “Tumeric Sunshine” and included pineapple, apple, orange and fresh tumeric root and lime.  Very delicious!   

I feel satisfied and actually well nourished.  Keep in mind, inbetween juices, I was instructed to make sure to drink 2 litres of water which is a bit tough for me at times.  I actually drank several cups of hot water with lemon to help me with downing all the H2O.   I feel my immunity has indeed been boosted.  Moving forward I want to focus on eating clean and/or avoiding process foods where possible.  

If you do the 3 day cleanse, it includes 2 elimination days and 1 reset day.  During elimination, you can get symptoms of detoxification like headaches, fatigue, and possible rashes.  They don’t recommend taking any pain killers like tylenol as it would burden your liver’s detox process.  Recommendation is to also be caffeine and alcohol free.  Lastly, they recommend to avoid all intense exercises.  

I just wanted a quick reset and didn’t want to contend with headaches etc.  I have to say I feel much more energized and have an overall feeling of well being.

Benefits of a Cleanse

  • Higher energy (if your body is overrun with toxins or sluggish detoxification, it leads to decreased cellular energy)
  • Greater clarity of thought
  • Your liver will thank you!
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Vibrant skin
  • Relief from constipation

Cleanses are not effective for long term weight loss. The weight, if any, you lose from a cleanse is a result of losing water and/or stool which all return once you resume a regular diet.  From my perspective, I wanted to reset because I was experiencing some heartburn and excessive gas (burping and um…) which I am positive is related to food sensitivities I have.   I do suffer from mild GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux disease and my stomach hasn’t been happy lately.  Probably from the additional carbs I have been ingesting.  Today, my stomach is rejoicing and isn’t fighting with itself!! 

In any event, I highly recommend trying a juice cleanse or any type of dietary cleanse for a day or so.  It will help reset your system and make you feel better.  Just so you know, I tried the “Village Juicery” which is local to the area and includes a consultation with a holistic nutritionist. There are also other companies like “Pulp and Press” that people have had great success with.   Both companies deliver right to your front door which is great in this lockdown time.

Give it a try!  I hope my post inspires you to do a cleanse.  Spring cleaning also applies to your body.  Cleansing a few times a year is good especially if you feel bloated or sluggish.  Spring is a great time to do one plus will support some of the local companies. 

Have a great weekend everyone!



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