Blistering Hot

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For those that don’t live in Canada, the weather has been very humid and hot over the last week or so.  It was classified as a bit of a heatwave but the title of my blog is actually referring to my boob and my mood.   Now I am not saying I am hot like gorgeous hot…I am wiping my sweat from my brow hot.   I am feeling “blistery” in  my mood and my boob.  The seven dwarfs have reared their ugly heads!!

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been awhile since I last blogged.   As I sit inside contemplating life I decided I should write something as I can see how depression can easily set in.  I keep hearing about others around me getting cancer and it’s depressing.  A lifelong friend was recently diagnosed and it’s crazy how life can change overnight.  I pray for him daily.   I almost feel guilty as I don’t have it too bad!  Only thing is my boob is peeling and blistering.   Least of my concerns!  Frequently, I get hot flashes which I had only heard about..  This is attributed to the medication throwing me into menopause and it certainly feels intensified.   At least, I have a new best friend which I call Terry, basically a towel I can sleep with.     Other times I feel like I am in a deep freeze and can’t get warm for the life of me.   Basically, my internal thermometer needs a kick in the teeth.    My moods are all over the place.

Plus interestingly, I was really thinking I could get off scot-free avoiding any side effects from radiation.   Aside from the on and off general fatigue that sets in, my sick boobie feels swollen, and heavy like a lead weight.   It is itching, peeling a new layer of skin.  I am sure it will feel like a soft baby’s bottom skin to come!  Basically, it’s like a really bad sunburn.   Only thing, it’s not like it gets air exposure to keep it nice and dry.     So, if there is anytime to “burn” your bra, now is the time.    So when I can, I unleash the girls and set them free.  People run screaming!

I was reading that the word “patient” is derived from a Latin word meaning “to suffer”.  This can apply in some cases.   The writer of the article said they would rather be called a “consumer” referring to having the ability to make choices around their treatment plan and medical professionals.   It was interesting, however I know I feel like a patient right now versus a consumer.

The good news, I have only 1 week, 5 more days of radiation treatment left and I am counting down the days.   It won’t be long now!!  I am looking forward to trying to get back into some semblance of normal.

I want to heal and figure out what’s next.   I still have a few appointments over the next month or so with various specialists.   This is basically for monitoring..I have to see the medical oncologist, the radiation oncologist, the cardiologist, the family doctor..   I hope I didn’t leave one out, as I am sure they would feel neglected not having me on their agenda.     More importantly, I want to figure out what I want to do moving forward and if “work” is in the cards.    I like “work” but I am contemplating the “type” of work given the ongoing stress associated with my regular day job.    All I know is  I have a goal to get my life  as “stress-free” as possible.   Plus travel has to be included.  I read that travel can do wonders for your overall well-being and quality of life.

Here are some interesting statistics that I quote for you below that hopefully helps you book an excursion or two:

  • The Framingham Study showed women who went on holiday every six years or less had significantly more risk developing a heart attack or coronary death compared to those that vacationed at least twice a year.   Well I was in London & Paris last year…Thank goodness this risk has been mitigated!
  • One study found women who do not take vacations are twice as likely to develop depression as those who choose to pack their bags and head out of town.   I better start planning my next vacation.
  • The Mayo clinic cited a reduction in stress as a good reason to travel as it reduces wide range of maladies, from headaches to irritable bowel syndrome.    Okay this definitely aligns with my “stress-free” goal!
  • Vacations don’t need to be long!  89% of respondents to a survey said they were able to leave stress behind with a break of just a day or two.   Ok sounds budget friendly!  I mean if you stretch this it could be as simple as booking a night out doing something different and fun!
  • Being more active while exploring is key to health. According to a 2012 study published by Lancet, for people over 40, eliminating physical inactivity can result in an increase to life expectancy roughly equal to that achieved by eliminating obesity, nearly on par with the impact of eliminating smoking.   Travelling sounds way easier than dieting!  
  • Neurogenesis-the creation of new neurons in the brain – is driven, in part, by new experiences including travel.   Travel helps your brain! I figured having cancer helped my brain because it has been a new experience to say the least!

Hopefully my boob can endure 5 more radiation bursts!  I am looking forward to not having to go to the hospital daily.   Anyway “Cheers” to “What’s next?”

Have a good week!






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