Breaking Bad



Alright, so I am not Walter White, a chemistry teacher gone rogue like the TV series.  I don’t think I have terminal cancer like he did.  Nope!  I didn’t start a meth lab by turning an old RV into a lab on wheels.  Nope!  However, I did feel like I was “breaking bad” yesterday.

If you didn’t know, the term “breaking bad” is commonly used in the south.   It is a southern expression that basically means to raise a little hell or completely dominate.      In the urban dictionary it means to give up on the typical moral and social norm and go on one’s own path, regardless of the legality or ethics.   So what the hell did I do?

Well, yesterday after a week of feeling like I couldn’t walk down a flight of stairs without heart palpitations or needing a rest, I was like the energizer bunny.   I had energy that felt like I was on some kind of speed.   I have never been on “speed” but I always imagined it would make you go crazy with energy and be a non stop force.  Yesterday that was me.   I couldn’t sleep and was up at around 5:30 a.m. and I was hyper and felt high strung.  I went through my “to do” list and scratched each off.

Ok, so I did nothing spectacular and it may be a typical day for some.   For me?  Well to be able to get through and accomplish a few things made me feel “almost” normal.   Only “almost” because I still have a bitter taste in my mouth.  It definitely isn’t as bad as earlier in the week but it is still there.  I ended up getting some of those flavor drops to put  in water to try and mask it.  This helps and I figure it will be gone soon as it is much better.    Yesterday, even Minnie looked at me oddly.   Her big brown doggie eyes wide eyed telling me in her doggie sign language to take her for a walk.   Dogs know!  They live in the moment and she knew it was time to take advantage of my burst of energy.    So I managed to take her round the block after I went full tilt running through what I wanted to accomplish.      I talked to my Mom and a few friends and even they said my voice sounded back to normal.  Well, energy must do that to you! I felt the best I had in a while.   Yes so I was breaking bad, dominating cancer and it’s nasty treatment!

We had a strong wind warning on Wednesday which so happened to be our “blue box” or “recycle pick up” day.    That means everyone’s box was loaded with their cardboard garbage and with wind warnings of over 70-90 km/h, it was blowing all over the place.  Well, when I walked Minnie round the block it was disgusting to see all the garbage lodged against the fences around the corner from me.  I wanted to pick it up but given I didn’t have gloves and my immune system is compromised, I would have to be very careful plus Minnie wanted to walk and would have cried if I stopped every 10 seconds.  Next walk I will arm myself with a garbage bag and wear gloves!   I sure hope the neighbours that live across from the fence pick up their garbage soon.   It was fairly gross.

At least around my house, we took care of the nasty blow out and things look good.  You can definitely learn a lot from other people’s garbage and being at home I was sure to wash my hands thoroughly.   Plus we luckily had no wind damage.  For those not living in my area in Canada, and to put it in perspective, the news reported a crane being bent in half, bricks being pulled off a home, huge trees falling and damaging cars.  Mother nature was angry on Wednesday!

So, I am not as pumped as yesterday but feel fairly ok but I know the day is young!   Being a couch potato today seems to be what the doctor ordered!  I consider resting very therapeutic and will just go with the flow.   Mind you I have to contend with my Bosch dishwasher that died!  Another story for another blog…customer service blows these days!   Dr. Os told me I would be crazy with energy and subsequently crash.   This could be a delayed reaction?  1 day of wonder woman energy..hmmm.  I am never quite sure what to expect as each treatment resulted in different reactions.    All I know, the only thing that is consistent is you feel horrible the first 7 or 8 days after chemo.  The second week things tend to slowly get better and just when you think you are feeling pretty good, the cycle starts again.   You definitely need the time to recuperate between treatments and need to take one day at a time.

It’s Friday!! So….Break Bad!  Dominate whatever is getting you down or whatever you want to accomplish!   Also if you can and see some garbage floating around, maybe pick it up! Someone will appreciate it and, after all, it is your neighborhood!



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