Covid Pandemic Anniversary

I have been struggling to get motivated to blog regularly again. That said, I felt compelled to write something about the Covid Anniversary. It has been one year since the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a global pandemic. Our Prime Minister of Canada has declared, March 11th, the National Day of Observance. Basically, remembering all those that lost their lives from the COVID 19 virus. So for those of you celebrating a birthday on March 11th or a special anniversary, it now is a Day of Observance. I am surprised that they have marked the day already because it makes me feel that it is a signal that the pandemic is over. Meanwhile with telltale signs that Covid-19 continually morphs and already talk of virus variants or mutations, I doubt it is.

For those of us, that luckily, did not lose any relatives or close friends from Covid 19, it is a day to reflect over the past year. The one thing we all have in common is we were forced into change. Changing things obviously alter or modify the way things are done. Any change comes with some form of loss, with both advantages and disadvantages…

Advantages of Being in a Pandemic

  • Healthier/Safer
    • With restrictions, it reduced the risk of getting the virus & made people feel safer 
    • Fewer colds (I haven’t had a cold in over a year, what happened to the flu!?) 
    • Improved air quality given there is less air pollution
    • Less Guilt, for example there is no need to say “NO” to those parties and events you hate attending.  It is a built in excuse, “Sorry, I can’t make it.. Covid”  
  • Adaptable/Creative/Innovative
    • Vaccines (or gene therapy) produced in record time
    • Many businesses pivoted to online technology
    • Many people generated ideas for businesses e.g. mask making etc
    • Meetings are done over Zoom or Microsoft teams and you can connect with people from across the world
  • Time
    • Less hustle and bustle
    • Less traffic & more importantly no need to battle rush hour traffic to & from work
    • Less stress
    • Increased time to do things for yourself e.g. creative projects, selfcare, family time, home cooked meals

Disadvantages of Being in a Pandemic

  • Less Healthier/Less Safe
    • Lack of Exercise-Many putting on Covid pounds, kilos or stones otherwise known as flab!! 
    • Mental Health Issues-Increased depression/loneliness/anxiety/lack of motivation-agrophobia (I am waiting to see how many will have a fear of leaving their homes once we get the all clear?!)
    • Lack of a routine/schedule/purpose
    • Isolation (some have not left their homes in months being confined to a house prison & not to mention our poor seniors stuck in long term care facilities confined to their rooms)
    • Questions on whether the cure is worse than the disease! (Some have died from the vaccine & interestingly enough, I do not see any of this data reported on mainstream media) (It was reported that they do not know if the vaccine will prevent infection &/or protect against onward transmission)
    • Lower immunity due to lack of exposure to normal germs (hope when we unveil the masks, we all don’t die from the common cold)
  • Lack of freedom
    • unable to pick up and go visit friends and go for a bite to eat at a restaurant so no socialization
    • unable to go anywhere without wearing a mask, making it harder to hear and or see facial expressions, not to mention getting sweaty and rashes around your mouth (don’t forget the fogging eyeglasses)
    • even if vaccinated, you will still need to wear masks/regular handwashing, physical distancing, cough hygiene, avoid crowds, good ventilation
    • no end to living with restrictions
    • no traveling to any destinations (I am still sad about my trip that was cancelled last year…one day Amalfi coast)
  • Unemployment/reduced or non-existent income
    • many businesses have gone bankrupt
    • poverty levels have hit record levels
    • crime has increased
    • our government is in debt (I hope tax is not the answer to solve our debt issues)

I am sure the above lists are incomplete and that you could add other things.   I wanted to list the ones that immediately came to my mind.  If anything, the Pandemic made all of us, stand up and pay attention.  Some of us easily accept the restrictions, others rebelling them.

I am okay with some restrictions but have to say we need to use our common sense.  As many have told me common sense is not “common”.  For example, I do not agree with shutting down all gyms/exercise businesses because this is crucial to health and well being.  Also many of the small businesses that make up our communities are much more diligent in following rules than big box stores. I think they were unfairly restricted, forcing many of these businesses into bankruptcy affecting many livelihoods.  It is hard to believe that life changed 1 year ago today because of some blasted virus. I truly hope that this virus fizzles out.  My heart goes out to anyone that lost a loved one because of COVID.  Some were unable to be with their loved ones because of COVID given the restrictions and it would have made battling any ailment so much more difficult.  Also many battling life threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease had to do this in isolation or alone.   So for everyone that suffered some kind of loss during this tumultuous year..My deepest condolences. 

I still hold on to hope that our lives will return to some sort of normalcy and that socializing isn’t going to always be taboo.  I miss hugs.  People use to sneeze to hide their farts, now we fart to hide our coughs and sneezes.  Funny and True!?  Things will change again…just hang on.  I did want to end this blog on a more hopeful note…so here are some inspirational and powerful quotes I found:

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but rising every time we fall -Nelson Mandela

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people’s thinking-Steve Jobs

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor-Eleanor Roosevelt


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