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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! You just can’t help but love the Irish! I just so happened to get lucky and married one with the biggest and best family ever.  St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Roman Catholic feast day of the patron saint of Ireland.  This saint died on March 17th back in 461 apparently.   This saint was not even born Irish but became an important part of the heritage through his service across Ireland.   People wear green to celebrate across the world where ever it is celebrated.  Meanwhile blue was the original colour for the day and it can still be seen on ancient Irish flags.  I guess if you drink enough Guinness, blue starts to look green and anyone that isn’t Irish is!   I believe the idea was if you wore green it made you invisible to leprechauns, those fairy creatures, would pinch anyone not wearing green.

I am typing this in the wee hours of the morn, because I woke up because I wanted a drink.  Ok, not that kind.  I find I keep having to clear my throat and have a bit of a salty taste in the back of my throat.  Maybe a shot of tequila will cure that issue?  Once I have a drink, finish this blog, I will be back off to bed for a few more hours of zzzzzz.

Truth be told, I am not sure I will have an alcoholic toast in honour of the day particularly because I have had enough of being green over the past week.     I am planning to drink plenty to stay hydrated to flush out toxic waste, minimize fatigue, and constipation and protect my kidneys.   My goal is to flush out that antibiotic toxin I had.     Chemo can cause your body to lose more water than normal and become dehydrated and I have noticed that I do feel more thirsty than usual at various times.   Water is my go to drink.   Lime will green it up just right for the occasion.

Cheers to St. Paddy’s day!  Drink Plenty but not too many if alcohol is involved!  Most of all be safe and happy!



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  • Happy St Pattys day to you!!! And yes you married into the best Irish family and a large one at that!!

    • Yes. Should of mentioned the wonderful bunch of friends I am so grateful I have. I am sure they are either Irish or fake Irish! Love u Deb.

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