Energetic Influencers


Do these picture influence your mood?  I hope you are feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.  Beautiful scenery, relaxing thoughts!

Do you ever enter a room and get a vibe? A person’s energy can influence your energy.  Pictures can influence your mood which influences your energy.

Emotions play a big role in your energy.  Recall my previous blog called  “What the heck are Chakras?” (click link if you want to read it again).   Basically,  there are 7 Chakras that are energy centres in the body and are used in a variety of ancient meditation and healing practices.

Even in standard Western medicine we talk about stress wreaking havoc on your body which essentially includes your chakras.  Stress impacts you physically and mentally and emotionally.  Negative emotions, phobias, anxiety, loss, conflict, arguments, depression, negative or low moods can mean a chakra is blocked or lead to one being blocked.  In reality, it is a natural defence system or built in coping mechanism.  This can lead to discomfort and disease.  They say when one chakra is not working properly, it can in turn affect other ones.  So often you will hear people talk about opening their chakras so they function properly.   I have to say I am not into “woo woo healing” but am very open to it.  These practices have existed for millions of years and there is something to be said about it.   There is something to be said about energy and energy vibrations and emotions affect your overall body and well-being.

Have you ever encountered someone and had “some bad vibes” that are not explainable?  If so, you know the feeling.  If you have ever been somewhere in a good mood and suddenly, without explanation your mood shifts quickly to match someone else in a poor mood nearby, then you have felt another person’s energy mingle with yours and change your personal vibration.  There are also people that you meet that drain your energy and this can lead to under active or blocked chakras.   I think this is what fascinated me with Reiki and Chakras..  Things that happen daily impact your energy.   It is all about balance…

Speaking of GREAT ENERGY!!   Quick update re my experience at the hospital for my hit of acid, I mean, the zometa infusion.  The procedure was done on the ground floor of the cancer centre in a very nice and quiet section.  This was a bit of a relief as I had heard from some ladies that it was done in the chemo ward.  It is heart wrenching to  see all the people in the chemo ward fighting for their lives.  The procedure took no more than 20-25 minutes.  Nice and quick.  Even more outstanding was that the cancer centre called me to come in earlier than my scheduled appointment which was a bonus for me.   The nurse had a bubbly voice and said to come anytime.

The lovely nurse put in the IV swiftly with no problem and then a second later, she noticed I was bleeding.  She asked if I was on blood thinners and I assured her I wasn’t.  She was so quick to make sure I was okay and said I had strong veins.  Yes I do!  In any event, I told her I don’t get squeamish and joked that my husband would have passed out.   I told her that the list of side effects on the information sheets for the drug was overwhelming and scary.   She made me feel so at ease about the side effects, the procedure and the benefit of the drug.  Just loved her energy..hoping around to other patients and taking care of things.   She said when this procedure didn’t exist, many women came in with broken bones…a side effect from chemo/drugs etc.  She also said I would probably feel like I have some flu-like symptoms but to get ahead of it with tylenol.  I only felt a coldness up my arm as the liquid started to flow and a little woozy in my stomach.  Took 2 tylenol when I got home and just felt extremely tired.   I think the nurse gave me good vibrations!!

Feeling good right now!

Hope you are too!!

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