February BLAHs

It is brutally cold right now, I mean it isn’t minus 30 celius or anything but it certainly chills you right down to the bone.

By the time February comes along the winter blahs set in.   For a short month, there are a lot of special days in February…likely to ward off the winter blues.   I wanted to share some information I learned about these special days.

There is February 2nd, Ground Hog day, and this has been around for more than 130 years.  Apparently Groundhog Day wasn’t popular in Canada until 1956 when Wiarton Willy predicted the weather.

We just celebrated Feb 14th, Valentine’s day.   That said, I feel it is a bit of a marketing thing because you should likely show love all year long.  I read that it wasn’t celebrated til the 18th century.  Then Feb 15th, is Flag Day in Canada…  Apparently it marks the day that the new Canadian maple leaf flag was raised on Parliament Hill back in 1965.

Finally on the 3rd Monday of the month, us Ontarians, celebrate family day, which was introduced in 2008.   This is not a national holiday, and is also observed in New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  It is not considered a statutory holiday so not all companies grant employees a day off work for family day.  Most government offices, banks are given the day off.  Apparently it was put in place because there is such a long stretch between New Year’s Day and Good Friday.  I am not sure any other country has a family day.

The good news is February is almost half over and soon we will be thinking about spring..

Hoping spring showers bring us many May flowers..


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