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Why hasn’t cancer been cured yet?  This is a common question asked and rightly so, particularly with the amount of dollars thrown towards it.   Cancer is so complicated.  Apparently, it can morph and change and adapt even during treatment.   The good news is that more people are surviving longer than they did back 20 or 30 years ago after cancer treatment.

One of my friends recently told me mammograms were banned in Europe.  I went to Dr. Google and it appears it was banned in Switzerland?  I didn’t see anything saying they were banned in all of Europe.  I may have to ask my oncologist.   On one site they were saying screening can cause more harm than good and in some cases they cause false positives.  In my case, I found the lump.   The routine mammogram that I had 6 months prior was clear.  Yes, so in my case, it wasn’t particularly useful…

All I know, is that there is a lot of controversial information out there and doctors try their best with the tools they have.  Aside from whether mammograms help find breast cancer early or not, doctors don’t really know with any certainty why one person’s cancer will return when another’s doesn’t.   I hope they come up with some more studies to pinpoint and get some answers for us.

Plus my friend also told me there are multiple chemicals routinely found in our food that are also banned in Europe.   It makes me wonder what is really in the food we eat and whether that is the major reason more and more people are being diagnosed with cancer.    Speaking of food, I got some great news re the study I am in!  Well I think I did?!


I was randomized into Group 2 of the Breast Cancer Weight Loss study!   It basically means along with a Health Education program, I will be enrolled in a 2 year weight loss program.  Apparently I will have a series of 42 telephone calls over 2 years with a health coach.    I was contacted today and they will be shipping me a package of stuff including a scale to support this journey.  The scale is not to weigh food but to weigh me.  Apparently it is “wifi” enabled so my weight will get posted to the website where the coach will track my progress.   With my luck I will accidentally broadcast it across the world wide web…embarrassing!?   I am actually intrigued!  It will feel like Big brother is watching me.   Geez, if I have a gin and tonic with a bag of potato chips, I wonder if my computer will turn on and yell at me?!    I picture it like going to a virtual fat farm.   I can see it now, they will say “you can have that bag of chips but you will have to jog from here to Montreal to burn the calories you are consuming”

I have been on every diet going since forever and haven’t had any long term success.  I often self-sabatoge.   I don’t know about you but every time I start a diet, I feel it extremely necessary to unhinge my jaw and tilt the fridge back and eat everything in sight.  Sounds crazy?!  It’s twisted but logical to me.   I am obviously preparing for the great famine!   I figure I won’t be eating certain foods so I load up on all the things I know I will be asked to avoid.    For example the good tasting carbs like chocolate cake, chips, pizza, bread with loads of butter, cheese…  It all makes perfect sense to me!  I have survival instinct.

Plus I should mention I am very good at losing weight.  I just haven’t mastered keeping it off for a long time.   I think I was successful once for a couple of years…then slowly my weight climbs up…5 lbs, then 10 lbs sometimes in just 1 week etc.    My weight can go up and down like a toilet seat.   This time I solemnly swear to NOT prepare for a famine.  I typed it so I mean it.   So I will endeavor  to eat as healthy as possible til I start the program and then try to follow whatever this coach suggests.  Poor coach!  Not sure he or she knows what they are in for?   I expect they will try to encourage me.   I can hear it now, “Annette step away from the pantry, put your hands in the air and drop the potato chip bag!”  It is probably just what I need.

The goal of the program is to decrease my starting weight by 10% and increase exercise levels to 150 minutes per week.  Prior to being diagnosed with cancer I was exercising approximately 3 to 5 hours a week for well over a year, which is more than 150 minutes per week.   So I know that is definitely achievable.  So this program will help me to resume Zumba and Pilates which I temporarily put on hold during treatment!  I was debating starting back at my club in September so this program will help me to get back into it.   I can’t wait to tell my health coach that my favorite exercise is chewing just like the cartoon above.. LOL     Poor coach will want a different study participant!

We need to eat to nourish our bodies and to live.  Eating is such a social, emotional and psychological activity.   I eat because I get hungry.  I have eaten to keep people company even when I am not hungry.  I eat because it looks good.  I eat if I am bored.  I eat if I am sad.  Food provides comfort.  I just don’t eat when I am sleeping…thank goodness.

I always wanted to be tall, skinny and blonde.  Well, I got the tall and platinum blonde (ok more like silver) happening.    Now wish me luck on the skinny!   I always thought being cremated was my last hope for a smoking hot body.   I am now hoping that this program will do it for me.

If I get any good tips on dropping a few pounds or kilos or stones, I will share it.   In England they say “stones” and in case you didn’t know, a stone is approximately 14 lbs.  I know I know…those limeys! Kidding, love you Kim!

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  • Any chance you could get your sisterin-laws enrolled and have scales shipped to them. On a serious note I predict you will do well as you already have the exercise part down. Stay Crazy

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