Fuzzy Wuzzy and Pegan 365 Curious?


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.  Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy was he? Was he bare?

Well I would say I am fuzzy.   I have lost almost all of my hair and I had to buzz it to 1/2 inch but basically you can see my entire skull and every time I touch my hair, it is like seeing a light hair shower.   I still have a very fine fine layer but expect it may disappear by next chemo treatment cycle so probably a few weeks from now.    It is something to get use to because I often don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror.   I might add that I have a perfectly oval head shape.   Still, I am in no huge rush for a wig but think I want something different from my regular style.    So for this part of my story, I have to leave a cliff hanger.   The main character, me, has a difficult dilemma and I will share my shocking revelation of what kind of wig later…

I have been watching some daytime TV.   Usually I start with Breakfast TV, Cityline and sometimes over to Marilyn Dennis.   In the afternoons I tend to watch Ellen and Dr. Oz.  On Dr. Oz, they talked about pooping and the segment was on “Whether you are a secret pooper?”  It sounds funny but I honestly fall into that category as I do try to conceal pooping in public washrooms to a degree.   Holding it til I get home at times, flushing before it splashes to hide the sound and double flushing, timing it appropriately, to coincide with any accidental air escapes.   Everyone knows it is a natural bodily function, however many people have issues with pooping in public bathrooms.   The sounds, the smells and the embarrassment.  As my sister-in-law La Verne says “it’s better to bear the shame than bear the pain.”    Poop can indicate if you are not drinking enough liquids particularly if you are constipated.  It can indicate that you have an irritable bowel syndrome if you are constantly having diarrhea.  Basically it can identify an issue of some kind.   So go ahead and look at your poop, I do.  Apparently so does Dr. Oz.   It is a good way to listen to your body….  So poop with pride!  Holding it in constantly, isn’t healthy and if you do this all the time, you will stop listening to your body cues and could end up having chronic constipation.    I know I am concerned about constipation with all the chemo drugs I am taking so I have been trying to drink plenty of water.

Back in January, I have to say couple days after my surgery I was in bathroom hell. I have had constipation in the past but nothing like the reaction I had post surgery.    Again, they put me on some strong antibiotics.  I am really starting to detest antibiotics.  Sure they may prevent infections but they just cause me problems.  I remember thinking cancer won’t kill me, but it would be constipation that will get me.   I could read it on my tombstone, here lies the girl who survived cancer but died full of shit.   I swear I spent half a day in the can, trying to poop.  It was like it was jammed in my intestine and I was so uncomfortable, standing, sitting, up and down, back and forth for a few hours.

Thankfully, Mike ran out to the drug store and came back with a plethora of supplies.   I downed a bottle of magnesium citrate and swallowed a few stool softeners.     Finally, the clouds parted, the sun started to shine and birds were singing.  I could hear Hallelujah from the heavens.   I had to look back into the bowl, it was the biggest, baddest, longest “green” log.  I don’t how I didn’t raise off the toilet seat after it nearly cut my butt in half.    I am being graphic but you need to understand I am not embellishing, it wasn’t pleasant.  I swear it was green because it was all the antibiotic badness in me.   Plus if you didn’t know they inject you with a nuclear dye to identify your lymph nodes and I was peeing out what looked like blue toilet bowl cleaner.  Between the green and the blue, not sure why things didn’t go purple.     Honestly, this is what motivates me to stay as hydrated as possible.     Pay attention to your waste…and stay hydrated.

The other thing Dr. Oz talked about is a diet called Pegan 365.  So I am Pegan 365 curious.  Not to be confused with “pagan”.   A pagan has no religion and indulges in worldly delights and material possessions; someone who revels in sensual pleasures; a hedonistic or self-indulgent individual.   You don’t want to be Pagan for 365 days of the year…that could be problematic for some.

Basically Pegan 365, is a combination of the Paleo and Vegan diets.   Paleo is about eating fish, meat, veggies and fruits but excludes dairy, grains and processed foods.  I definitely agree with limiting processed foods…like my beloved chips and ice cream treats.   Ok, on occasion you just have to indulge!    Vegans avoid animal meats and bi-products.  It is a diet in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.   Basically they say for Pegan 365, you need to follow the 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.  5 Vegetable servings, 4 carbohydrate servings, 3 protein servings, 2 fats and 1 dairy substitute daily.   You are allowed 2 alcoholic beverages a week, 2 desserts a week and allowed to have a cheat day as well.

This sounds fairly reasonable but no change is easy and takes effort.  Bottom line with all these diets, the common theme is going back to the natural and simply staying away from processed foods.    It is really about reading labels.  It is eye opening to see what is in the food we are eating.   Follow whatever diet you like but I strongly suggest to read labels.   We often get so busy and fall to ready made items.   If you take the time to read labels and see what is in the foods we eat, you may start making different choices.   I know I am trying to do this more especially since I now have some time to plan out meals, that is, when I feel like cooking.   I am, by no means, perfect at it but I am trying to read labels more and am experimenting with a variety of different foods.  For example, I have been trying pastas made with chickpeas and lentils.  I am experimenting with new recipes incorporating different vegetables and using way more spices.  This is the advantage of not having to work because I can concentrate on health and well being.  For example, I just love spaghetti squash as a pasta substitute.   I have been incorporating more squashes, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale and brussel sprouts into different recipes.   I have tried making some desserts with no sugar and no eggs.  It is possible and it tastes good!   My family are my food testers and don’t always appreciate new things so it’s a bit of a balancing act.    On this blog, I have been talking about waste and food, probably in the wrong order, but they are related.  What goes in must come out and the result is your health.  We owe it to ourselves to pay attention.

Off to the oncologist tomorrow for some blood work and a review before my next chemo treatment.   I am just thankful I won’t be taking any antibiotics this round….well not to my knowledge.   I hope it will be easier than round 1 but I understand you can get different side effects as you go along.  Oh well, I am rested and up for the challenge.

Ok I am off to try a 5 ingredient flourless, sugarless, banana bread maybe with a few chocolate chips.   I can’t change overnight!

Til next blog!



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