Gnome for the Holidays?

Gnomes?! If you google it, gnomes are legendary dwarfish creatures created to supposedly guard the earth’s treasures underground. I also found that they were said to be shy, hiding behind their hats and you rarely see their eyes. They often are hiding in corners, attics, barns and gardens etc. I just knew gnomes were those clay statues of a bearded man with a pointed hat in a garden. The mythical gnomes were thought to live underground & apparently the word “gnome” is derived from a latin word for earth dweller. They were popular in German fairy tales and were described as old men who guarded treasure. By the way, gnomes are always men. Well, I certainly broke that rule as I made a few women gnomes up.

The garden gnomes that came here were mass produced in Germany in the 1870s. Apparently they are a sign of good luck. Originally, gnomes were thought to provide protection over buried treasure and minerals in the ground. They are still used today to watch over crops and livestock and tucked into the corners of a barn or hidden in the garden. I learned that a group of gnomes is known as a Donsy.

In Scandinavian countries, the story of gnomes belongs to Christmas time and winter solstice. Gnomes are basically the guardians of houses and barns. Children start looking for gnomes when the days get shorter. They say that gnomes see how you behave and if you are good little children, you will get some nice gifts and candy at Christmas.

I had no idea about the history of gnomes, however I started building them. I made ones for Christmas and various character gnomes. Also I make “lady gnomes”. My witch gnomes were a hit at Halloween. My character gnomes were also lots of fun to make. So for me, they just bring joy. See some pictures of my favorite ones, each unique. I also will take orders, and although I can recreate some, they will all be one of a kind. Feel free to email me for more info. My email is

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