Holy Friday!

Have to share these interesting facts about Good Friday!

  1. Hot Cross buns are considered GOOD LUCK!  Superstitions say they will never spoil if baked on Good Friday and they will protect you against shipwrecks and your home from fire.  Grab some buns!
  2. Dancing outlawed in Germany!  So no hip swinging between the hours of 4 a.m to 9 p.m. as it is strictly prohibited.  They take it very seriously and call it “Sorrowful Friday.”   Who knew?
  3. Eggs laid on this day are everlasting!  Ireland gets very excited about Good Friday, so much so that legend has it that eggs laid on this day will never rot. Some hold on to their eggs for years to prove this myth.  Not sure I will test this out?
  4. Good Immunity!  In Ireland, eggs are marked with a cross and each family member eats it on Sunday and it suppose to give you good health and luck for the next year.  I have to have eggs for breakfast!
  5. Booze Ban!!  In Ireland, for the past 90 years alcohol sales were banned on Good Friday but this year this ban was lifted!  Cheers!
  6. Marks the end of Lent!  Lent a 40 day religious sacrifice period ends on Good Friday but may end on the Thursday before or Saturday after.  This is debated each year.
  7. Commercials Banned in New Zealand!  Commercials and TV ads are prohibited between 6 a.m. and noon out of respect for this religious day.  Same happens for Christmas and Easter Sunday.
  8. Origin of Good Friday is unknown!  Many theories are behind the name Good Friday but none are backed by evidence.  Many believe “Good” means “Holy” others think “Good” is used to replace “God”.  Each country and language seems to have their own unique interpretation.  We may know the Friday before Easter as Good Friday, but other countries refer to this day as Easter, Holy, Great, Silent, and so on.
  9. Church Bells Toll 33 times!  Churches around the world toll their bells 33 times in remembrance of Christ’s years on earth and to commemorate his death.
  10. Thursday before is celebrated! Thursday before is known as Maundry Thursday or Holy Thursday.   This is derived by the latin word mandatum meaning commandment.  It symbolizes the commandment given by Jesus at the Last Supper. The Saturday after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday is known as Holy Saturday. The entire week before Easter, starting on Palm Sunday is called Holy Week.

Another day of laying low for me! Was a little off yesterday probably due to my body fighting against the drowsy effects of benadryl versus the hyper effects of anti-nausea meds.   So one minute you are tired and the next you are wired.   A little insomnia but I find going to bed late helps me sleep past the 3 a.m. mark which is good.    I am just monitoring my symptoms which seem to be somewhat controlled at the moment.

So I expect to have a Good Friday!   Whether your religious or not, I hope you have a Holy GOOD Friday!




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