Home Made Sanitizer!

Grey’s anatomy was a big let down last week, it seemed too far fetched having Dr. Alex Karev leaving his wife Jo for Izzy. So I am not killing time before it starts this week and may just set it to PVR. So, for Thursday treat night, I am not making a sweet treat and decided to make something different. It may be tagged as a “Yummy Recipe” but don’t eat this. If you do, it won’t sanitize your insides. I got this recipe from my friend Diane but you can also surf the internet for other versions of it! As you know, there is a shortage of sanitizer plus other things everywhere due to the Coronavirus or Covid 19! I haven’t gone crazy hoarding any supplies and always have soap on hand. I keep wondering why people are not stocking up on hand soap? Apparently toilet paper and tissue are a priority…..

I thought since I have a tube of aloe gel leftover, that I used on my skin after radiation treatments and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, I would give it a try. Look at the bright side, this could be a new sideline business… Some places are selling sanitizer for 100 bucks a tube! Try making some & see if it’s something you want to do!


  • 1/3 aloe gel
  • 2/3 alcohol (50% or more)
  • Add essential oils for a nice smell
  • Funnel
  • Clean bottle or tube


Mix ingredients together with the above ratio. Stir or shake and put in a bottle.

Mix a few drops of essential oil til you are satisfied with fragrance. Shake!!

Annette’s Review:

I used a funnel to get the gel & alcohol into the glass bottle I have. I shook it up but did find it a bit watery so added more gel to thicken it up. I added some peppermint, lemon and lavender essential oils. It smells awesome! If you really need some, you can make it OR just wash your friggin hands!!

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