How is Everybody?

Feeling isolated? You are not alone! Well, you may be alone but we are all alone together. If that makes any sense!

Take the Opportunity to Relax!

I haven’t written in a couple of weeks. The world has changed drastically because of Covid-19. I have been really busy looking for toilet paper. Lolol. I have enough to last another week but it is unsettling to think I can’t find any while I don’t need any because what happens when I do? Where do I need to travel to get some? Oh right, I can’t travel! Sad part is the price of GAS is so low, and even though you could afford to travel by car, you are not able to go anywhere.

In terms of toilet paper, I already have other family members that say they have me covered if I get desperate! So the silver lining is there is some good in all of this. People are slowing down, and have no choice but to hang out in their household and take time to think. They have to think about others and consider how their behaviour could impact others. Some people are doing kind acts, delivering food and/or meals. There are also wingnuts ratting out people that get together only to find the group that was together is a large family that actually live in the same household. People are slowly adjusting to the new normal. I think people have to learn to be more patient and not jump to conclusions. Share tips not judge…be kind to one another.

I have been grappling with what’s happening and it has kept me pre-occupied particularly as I have been getting into the “Twitter World”. I have become a bit of an addict and rightly so…there is so much information out there. There are some really nice people and many interesting ones. I have been lucky as no one I interact with has been rude…. Interesting, a lot of what I have been reading on Twitter ends up on the news. It is quite fascinating what I learn from my followers and those I follow. It does suck up time because I find you need to research and try to discern what is fact and or fiction. Most of the people I follow seem to be the real thing and trustworthy or at least strongly believe in what they are preaching. I have to respect that… I don’t necessarily agree with everyone but I feel it is important to be respectful and not ever be rude, ever! Treat others as you wish to be treated. Some people jump to the wrong conclusions…or make assumptions and are quick to respond. Honestly, things are often misunderstood when something is written because the person often doesn’t know the individual and or can’t hear the chuckle or see the twinkle in the eye when someone is typing something trying to be funny.

I have a great appreciation for the Americans that follow me. All very patriotic and friendly. I applaud them. I also appreciate the health care workers and many others in all other positions needed in this world. If you are bored, I say explore Twitter…very interesting plus some people are really talented and have some beautiful scenery or animal pictures that should help you relax.

What can we do to during this time?

  1. Clean, clean, clean (yes I hate it too)
  2. Clean your closets (yes mine is scary and I haven’t tackled this yet)
  3. Clean out your pantries & make a game of what can be made with obscure ingredients. Maybe a challenge over social media?
  4. Clean your fridge. (Mine is now spotless)
  5. Make homemade meals (Nothing new for me here)
  6. Share recipes (Yes, I have been sharing something every week)
  7. Do small projects around your house…we are painting a couple of rooms
  8. Exercise –I am so fortunate to have instructors from my gym using Zoom to offer zumba, pilates, stretch classes etc. They are offering this free of charge for now. Lovely people
  9. Set up virtual calls & have a tea party. (I used Facebook messenger but you can also use Zoom)
  10. RELAX by meditating, reading, walking around the block and PRAYING! I have been watching TV…be careful of listening to the news all day!

In any event, I just thought I would check in with you. Hope everyone is managing during this time. If you are suffering from Covid-19, I am praying for you to recover and feel well. We are all in this together.

Feel free to comment with any things you are doing or tips…

Have a great weekend!!

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