It is a health of a life!

I am laying low these days just recouperating.  Looking forward to when I re-start pilates and zumba.   I am not sure if everyone knows what pilates is…  I just love it.  It makes you feel more energetic and stronger.   It is a low-impact muscle strengthening exercise.  Joseph Pilates created this back in the 1920’s.   Who knew?   The cool thing is you really don’t need to invest in any equipment.   If you have a floor and a mat, you are ready to begin!

I have been doing pilates for well over a year (plus or minus when I was in treatment) in combination with zumba so basically strengthening with cardio.

Here are some benefits

  • Improved flexibility-touching toes may be your new reality!!
  • Posture and balance will improve
  • Your core will be stronger –Yup I can hold the plank for 2 minutes!! Ok, I could barely hold it for 2 seconds when I first started
  • If your core is strong, it helps your back!
  • Studies say that after 10 weeks of pilates, there is an increase in memory and other cognitive functions —-well I haven’t seen this for me…I have chronic case of CRS…Can’t Remember Shxt?!

There are differences between pilates and yoga but they do seem similar.  Yoga focuses on bringing exercise, breathing and meditation together.  Pilates is inspired by Yoga.  I think pilates focuses on trying to relax muscles that are tense and provide strengthening of numerous muscles of the body.   In any event, both Yoga and Pilates are awesome!

If one of your resolutions is to get moving in 2020, don’t forget to contact your doc to see what kind of exercies you want to pursue and if you have any concerns doing them.  You can find info on either of these usually in your local community or recreations centre.  Finding a place you are comfortable with will be key.

On to other subjects…I am “considering” launching a website for the purpose of sharing information and resources to the masses to help them in their life adventures.  Real purpose is to make things better and easier….afterall sharing is caring!!   I have to tell you the toughest part is finding a creative, unique and “untaken” domain name.  My blog title was one of the names I came up with when “For the health of it” was taken.  That said, I want my site to have multiple facets with a focus on health but it won’t be just health…   If you have suggestions on names or topics you would like me to share, feel free to comment.

By the way, for those of you following along from previous posts, I am still contending with my son’s car situation.  I hope to have some positive news later next week.  Cross your fingers for us.   It is a hell of a situation!

Have a great week!!


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  • Interesting read and I want to get back to the exercising I use to do.

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