Juice Quarantini!

Tumeric Sunshine!

I don’t know about all of you but being home quarantined has been a bit of an adjustment.  I would say good, a little bad and sometimes ugly but it all depends on your perspective.   

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly according to Annette (Opinions are my own..)

  1. The good is you “Wake up on your own time” however the bad is “you don’t have a regular routine“.  We are creatures of habit so the first couple of weeks was my trial & error time…to see what works.  Sooner or later, I think you need to work yourself into some sort of a manageable routine. 
  2.  The good is you can “Wear comfortable clothing and there is no real need to dress up” but the bad is “those stretch pants you have been wearing day after day, are lying to you!” Your waistline can expand and you don’t even realize it.  So definitely try to dress up at least once in awhile.  So if I wear my gown and high heels out to pick up the mail..you will know why.
  3. Another good thing is you will “appreciate the slower pace” However, I tend to stress about how I use to manage getting things done in less time.  I am getting too use to doing things as if I have all the time in the world.  So some “increased anxieties“. 
  4. You have time to “re-organize things you haven’t had a chance to look at but re-organizing gets old real quick. Then, after re-organizing, often I can’t find what I am looking for because I organized so well, NOT.
  5. Time for “chores, painting, cleaning, purging etc” but chores are chores and it isn’t much fun.  You may feel a glimmer of self satisfaction but depending on the project, once you are done, you get bored and eat.   
  6. Time for “meditation and soul searching” but then you realize it is difficult and give up. Worse, you realize you are trapped and get depressed.
  7. Time to catch up on your “culinary skills!” I am finding recipes, baking, cooking and EATING EATING and Eating.  I am thinking to audition for that show “My 600 lb life” 
  8. More downtime like watching tv, doing puzzles.  I have to say I enjoy TV shows, dramas and movies…but I have kept the TV off, at times, especially when our Prime Minister, Turd-eau talks.  As you can tell I don’t particularly care for the Libtard. So this leads to boredom again and guess what?! Eating 
  9. More immediate family time (if you are lucky enough not to be home alone) and then you start to realize being home alone has great advantages.  Everyone needs their quiet time..
  10. Explore your “Creativity” until you realize you either have no creativity or it is limited to culinary skills because it just leads to more… You guessed it?!  Eating! Eating and Eating.

So those are what I call the good and the bad of quarantine.  So what is the ugly? In my case, I will say “weight gain” is my ugly.   That’s it.  

Trust me, I know there are very unfortunate people in the world that are sick and dying from the virus, many are impacted with lack of or no income, isolated and lonely and many without basic necessities.   There is also just plain fear of the future…  I pray daily that this ends soon.  Going to the store is like a mission now and just no fun.  

I didn’t want to dwell on those obvious “uglies” or “concerns” because we can’t control a lot of them.  Plus I think we have to look at things we can control and entertain ourselves in the here and now.  That said, I thought I should be able to control my diet.   Well you would think so…   

So instead of drinking quarantinis which is drinking a martini alone, I decided to try a 1 day juice cleanse.  So I am calling it a Juice Quarantini. Best part, they are fresh and delivered right to your front door.  Yes, I was not up to do a 3 day cleanse…love food too much.   Besides, change takes time and I just wanted to jumpstart my system so I eat more healthy.  Anyway, I will let you know my thoughts once I am done. 

So far, the juices are extremely refreshing and I am not even feeling hungry.   I did feel cold or chilly thinking it was from all the cold juice I have been drinking.  Until, I walked by the dining room where my husband is painting and he had the window wide open.  Geez, I was cold because the temperature in the house dropped…not because of the juice cleanse. Lol  

Everybody has to see what works for them during the quarantini. I think a juice quarantini is the best thing I can do right now.  

Control what you can! Stay safe! Eat well and try not to eat everything in sight.  No judgement from me.  

Have a wonderful weekend!! 


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