Many Energy Healing Modalities!

I am amazed by all the various energy healing modalities.  There is Reiki!  Then, there is Therapeutic Touch (TT).  Both are similar.  They have different training procedures.  Also the intention of each is different as well.  Reiki is more intuitive, allowing the flow of energy while TT is more directive.  I have not signed up to learn TT, but sounds like both modalities have the same outcomes, relaxation, decreased anxiety, well-being and healing.

Recently, I found out that someone I know is trained in “La Trame”, yet another, healing modality.  Apparently it is done to clear stress at both the physical and emotional levels.  So I guess it is a detox for the soul…or an emotional detox.  It is suppose to remove the pain of memories, not the memories themselves and it leaves recipients more open to giving and receiving love.  Similar to Reiki there is no pressure or manipulation.  Most people go into a state of deep relaxation.  I am fairly open to trying anything that makes you relax.   Sometimes, I just settle on enjoying a tall glass of gin and tonic with a twist of lime.  That said, if I get the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind trying a session.   I am always open to new experiences especially if it is something that is meant to benefit your mind/body and soul.

There seems to be an endless array of energy healing modalities…I just read about the Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT.  I pictured eating appetizers in Spain with some red wine while someone was pushing on my pressure points.  This Tapas is not an appetizer or snack and is in fact the name of the inventor of this technique, Tapas Fleming.  It was invented in 1993 by him.   It is an alternative medicine therapy that claims to clear negative emotions and past traumas.   It actually sounds quite fascinating to me.  My interpretation is that similar to accupuncture, it focuses on different energy meridians on the body but they don’t use needles..just finger pressure.

Then there is BodyTalk.  Apparently if you search for this, it will tell you it is an effective system of integrative health care and is a holistic approach to healing based on principles of energy medicine!  What I like about what I read is that it talks about synchronizing the body’s natural functions on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spirtual.

I think that is what is missing with traditional Western medicine.  Western medicine focuses mostly on the “physical” and to a lesser extent mental, emotional and spiritual.  We are making great strides in opening up about talking about mental illness but there is more work to be done.  I do believe we need to focus on an “integrative health care” approach and slowly we are integrating Eastern and Western medicines.

I have to say in speaking to many individuals that have had life threatening illnesses, once the major medical treatments are done, many are lost.   I believe it is because they still have to heal emotionally, mentally and spirtually.  All these are required to feel whole again.   How do we incorporate that into our medical system?  I think by getting the right supports and information.

In any event, I want to keep a running list of all the energy healing modalities I discover, so if you know of any others feel free to comment on this post!


Happy Family Day for those of you celebrating in Canada!!!

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