Mental Preparation


We all have our own way to deal with life’s challenges.      I think you have to prepare mentally and physically…mostly mentally.    I see cancer as a marathon and want to prepare like an athlete.    I was reading a few items on the internet and there appear to be 7 steps to prepare for a marathon.

  1.  Give it your all– We are pumped for the race and ready BUT must remember to Pace yourself. Be patient. Don’t burn yourself out on the first few kilometers or on the first chemo cocktail”     
  2.  Suppression-We feel good but suppress the thought of the long road ahead and don’t think about the long effort still to be faced.   Remember you’ll need to tap into your energy reserves later on!”
  3. Twinges of Panic-We compare with others around us and have a bit of a panic if we have slowed down.   We will know if we have energy left for the second half of the marathon or if all our reserves are used up.  “Keep calm, you still have time…”
  4. Disillusion-The marathon messes with our heads.  You feel alone and wonder why you signed up for this and whether you can finish it.  You can’t stop thinking about what’s left of the race. Take one step after another!”
  5. Rock Bottom-There is still away to go and yet your batteries are running low. Listen to your body and take breaks, if and as necessary.”  Visualize the finish line, your friends and family waiting with cheers and joy and a gin and tonic in my case!  This phase really shows who has mentally prepared to run a marathon.
  6. Silver Lining-The finish is within grasp and positive thinking has helped you push through the lower points.  If you can, STEP IT UP.   Take that last kick of energy.”
  7. Finish Line-You did it!!  Mix of extreme fatigue, joy, exhaustion.  You hang the medal around your neck and say I am done and hope to never run a marathon again.  “Take a few deep breaths and say if I need to do this again, I got this.”

Yesterday was a rough day, I worked from my to-do list and may have tried to scratch too many things off my list.  I felt overly agitated and exhausted or perhaps better described as fatigued.  I slept in for a change with a little help from Lora and Pam.  Well it was Lorazepam, that my Doctor suggested to use, if or when required.  I decided to let Lora and Pam in and am glad that I did because I actually slept deeply for a change and feel rested.

Today is another day, and I feel I am so ready for next week!  Looking forward to a nice weekend.   I expect to check into some fancy wigs…but again not sure I will need one but would like to see what funky ones are available.     I always said I wanted to be tall, blonde and thin.   Wouldn’t it be cool to have a different one for every outing?  People would talk…and I would leave them wondering.

By the way, Mike is feeling like his old self now.   He makes me laugh, particularly with his one line quips.  He has done this throughout our marriage which helped get us through some of our darker days when he was ill a few years back.   For example, when he was off to work one day recently,  he asked me to kiss him goodbye after we were arguing about something trivial.   My reaction in my usual morning grumpiness was a one line response, “parasite”.    He looked at me and said I didn’t say “Kiss my ass”   I laughed out loud and obliged him.  The timing of his one liners are the best…

Whatever is challenging you right now, tackle it like you are preparing for a marathon.   You can do it!   Have a great weekend everyone!



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