One Dot at a Time

Easter Spring Sale

I started this website to blog about my cancer story and believe me it didn’t end. More about that on a future post. Part of my story includes finding things that make me happy. So, I wanted to share a fairly new passion that started in 2021 called “Dotting”. The pandemic started March 2020 and somehow and don’t ask me how, I discovered this fun art. I have never considered myself artistic and still don’t. This type of artistry requires a steady hand, patience and symmetry. It is a lot of fun!

My friend Lynda and I combined our various creative talents and through her insistence we have held 2 sales. Lynda creates bird bathes, signs and makes Christmas ornaments and lanterns. Our first sale was held Nov, 2021 just in time for Christmas and as per the picture above had one this past weekend, just in time for Easter. My main creations are dotted items and gnomes. Both of our sales were successful and I credit wonderful neighbours, awesome friends and fabulous family members.

I wanted to blog about my specific artistry so you too can discover and learn something new. Also wanted to share that if you have any interest in the pieces I create, I am going to be selling them. I don’t expect to get rich but I certainly know selling them helps me fund the supplies required to keep creating or meditating.

I did some research and it appears that Dot painting is internationally recognized as unique to Australian Aboriginal Art. It is considered pleasing to the eye and has a far more hidden meaning & deeper purpose; to disguise the sacred meanings behind the stories in the paintings.

All I know is that it is fun and quite relaxing and quite meditative. If you have read previous blogs, I am not the best at meditating but I would say DOT painting is my meditation. You need to concentrate and be patient. Also you can get quite creative. I am becoming a dot addict, wanting to dot any objects I find. The important thing is to remember “one dot at a time” and apply it with precision & patience. Did I say patience? Yes lots of that.

This post is just a simple introduction to dotting. I intend on creating future posts about what I have learned about dotting. For example practice makes perfect and even imperfection can look lovely. Dots can be placed on top of dots referred to as double dotting. I use acrylic paints that easily wash off and there are multiple brands and I continue to explore various ones. Neon paints and metallic paints are a bit thin and can cause dot frustration. Currently, I have found Folk Art multi-surface paint to have fairly good consistency but sometimes can be too thick. More about paints on another post. You can freehand dotting or use stencils or patterns etc.

Anyway here are some of my creations and may you all have a very Happy Easter!!

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