One Extreme to Another!

20180327_174059 - CopyOne extreme to another!  One day I am bald and the next I am growing a beard!  Ok, so it’s not me!   It’s Matthew my youngest…he had recently shaved his head and decided on a new look!  Doesn’t he look great?!

Extremes!  Look my hair grew back overnight!  Who knew?!   I just love it…healthy and well styled!   Having Sicilian background….hair grows quickly!!    LOL


Went to see my Oncologist today and do blood work to ensure my platelets are up to snuff otherwise chemo would be postponed tomorrow.   I just love my Oncologist…so down to earth and open minded.  He said despite my reaction to the antibiotics my blood work is perfect!  Of course I am!  I aced this…just like Grade 12, when I got the highest marks out of all the students in Grade 12 in my High School.   School populations were much smaller back then though.  Anyway, all I heard was that I did extremely well!   I am a keener!  He also wanted to see the girls again.   So I took them out and lay them on the table like so…


I kid, but funny how the one on the right has a little discoloration just like Bessie.  These are actually some stress ball titties my other son gave Mike one year for Christmas.


I thought what a useless gift! What possessed him?  Boys will be boys!   Now, I think they are priceless!  I want to give them to my Oncologist since he is a cancer doctor specialized in boobs…however they are gently used just like my own.   I don’t want to re-gift.   I may see if I can score a fresh unused pair from Amazon for him.     I am sure he gets stressed because he was telling us he had a patient’s friend mad at him because they wanted him to follow some unstudied treatment they found on the internet.   Ok, this Doctor has studied for over 20 years…and if there was something he thought would work, he would know or definitely recommend it.   I totally love this Doctor and he answers any questions you have…   I asked about a medicine I read about that would mean only getting 1 injection after chemo versus the 7 days worth of injections.   He said he would have recommended it if he thought it was better.  He said my method is more tried and true and it has NOT been proven that the 1 injection is any better and many people have issues with it.   Ok, sold!   He is so confident that he gives me confidence.   He listens to my symptoms and already has some plans in place to alter things if and when necessary.   So awesome!    He knew what I was talking about re the ping pong pain!!

I had to start to take my anti-nausea meds in prep for chemo tomorrow.  I swear I feel like I am on speed.   It’s almost like when I drink too many gins and just love everybody!  I actually think I do love everybody!  This is the most energy I have had in a few weeks.  Then I thought, there will be a crash a few days after chemo.   Oh well, I am living in the moment…feeling good today!    It is up and down and goes from one extreme to another so you just have to roll with it!  Bring it on!  I am on steroids and can kick ass!

Ok I joked about my hair growing back which I am sure you probably figured out.  If you didn’t it’s ok if you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I still love you!   We all have something that makes us special!

So let me tell you about the wig!   Some people may not know about the “Wig Room” which is something I found by researching the Canadian Cancer Society website.  I called the number to find more details about this Wig Room yesterday.   The Canadian Cancer society chapter was conveniently located about 15 minutes or so north of me.  It was a small place and they had wigs in boxes graciously donated by different companies like Pantene, Vu (never heard of them) and some other companies.  Many are brand new and some are gently used.   I found myself one that I thought worked.   Best part is they are free!  I couldn’t believe they were free for use!   When I am ready I can donate it back, they will wash it and it will be ready for another person.  What a great service!

I liked this wig better than some of the ones I tried on at the wig store where you would need to spends hundreds of dollars if not more.    I have some coverage thru my benefits but would have to cough up some dough.    Well, I am still considering it.   I like to shake it up and depending on my mood swing, may want another style.  This is kind of fun!  You have to shake it up!   I am rolling with it!

Also I am planning to register for “Look Good Feel Better” which is something else the Canadian Cancer Society runs.  It will talk about hair loss and demonstrate hair alternatives and make up!  Something to look forward to!  Feeling like yourself makes you feel better plus avoids people looking at you and thinking you are sick.   I am not sick I am healing!

Anyway one day at a time!  It’s reminds me of the chorus from Katy Perry’s song “Hot and Cold”

‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down
You’re wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white (ok red and then pink)
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up
(You) You don’t really want to stay, no
(You) But you don’t really want to go-o
You’re hot then you’re cold
You’re yes then you’re no
You’re in then you’re out
You’re up then you’re down

So my phrase for the day is “Go with the flow!”

I am mentally prepared for Chemo round 2!   Tomorrow is another day!



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