Psychic Fair for Fun!


First of all, I must say, my Dr. Ok is not OK, she is awesome!  So grateful I found her.  I am positive it was divine intervention.   Dr. Ok took it upon herself to call this afternoon to let me know that both my mammogram and bone scan are clear.  She has certainly exceeded my expectations!  She has called me after every test to communicate the results, whether she was the ordering physician or not, and just to give me peace of mind.   She gets it and doesn’t want her patients stressing unnecessarily.    I am use to the Dr. Dick treatment where I never received calls even when they were warranted.  I have to say, I was fairly confident that the results were good but getting that official confirmation is great news!

This past weekend, I was asked if I was interested in going to the psychic fair since it was around the corner and in town.   Sounded like an interesting endeavor as I had never been to a psychic fair.  I didn’t really care one way or another if I went to see a psychic.  I decided to cough up some cash and see one of a number of psychics that were available.  It is hard to know, without researching or a person’s recommend, whether a specific psychic is legitimate or a fraud…regardless it is entertainment.

That said, I do feel there is something to it and I was led to select a specific psychic named Beth.   Probably because I do feel I have some psychic abilities…or psychological impairment.    Beth asked if there were any topics off limits and whether she could discuss illness and death.  Absolutely, bring it on!   She told me a bunch of interesting tidbits…some resonated with me, some made absolutely no sense to me.    I did ask what she saw regarding my health.   She said she saw two areas of concern.   I am thinking, two, yes, the girls, Jessie and Bessie, the Twins…there are 2 of them.  One is a bit sick right now.

She said she saw the colour pink which signifies breast cancer.   Lucky guess?  Did she know the statistics where it is the most common cancer among women and it is 2nd leading cause of death.    She said if she saw red it really wouldn’t be good.   I was going to say what about the Colour Purple?  It was a good movie and great colour!

The other health concern she saw was something to do with my  digestive system and colon.   Interesting, I wonder if my facial expression made me look constipated.

I shared I was diagnosed early January and she told me I was in what she called the “holy shit” phase.  I laughed out loud and loved her reference.     She welcomed me to the Cancer club as she too had breast cancer and is a survivor of 2 and half years.  Wow!?   Every time I turn around someone has breast cancer or some other cancer.  Who hasn’t been touched by it?  There is definitely a problem out there..

She also assured me I wouldn’t die from this.  Given my recent hearing loss and the noise at the fair, I was hoping I heard her correctly.   I am kidding, I am positive I know I will come out on top of this.    She was definitely legitimate!   I know I sound sarcastic but in reality, I do believe people can be fairly perceptive and some people are very in tune with their surroundings, life energies and get various insights.   In any event, whether she is correct or not, and if you believe it or not, it was fun to do on a Sunday afternoon.   As you know, I always love new experiences as it is always an opportunity to meet new people and potentially learn something new or different.

For example, in speaking to Beth, she suggested looking into taking Chaga.  She has been taking it since after her chemo treatment.   So, of course, I called upon Dr. Google and researched, since I never heard of this before.  Chaga has been used for hundreds of years and is referenced as one of the most powerful hidden medicinal secrets of the 21st century.    It is a mushroom that can be used to make a tea.    It is used to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, enhance liver health and fight viruses.  It is also know to treat and or prevent certain cancers.

Son of a birch!  Is this a cure?  It is a fungus that is parasitic on birch and other trees and usually appears after the host tree is dead.  Sounds like Percy the parasite however a good parasite and this one you want to ingest!  It looks like the appearance of burnt charcoal.


It gets even better!  Chaga Mushrooms contain Glyconutrients!  Why am I so fascinated? Remember, in an earlier post, I talked about the TruHealth program and the Mannatech company?  Well they talk about Glycobiology and there is one specific product that I will be ordering and it is all about glyconutrients.   Glyconutrients play a key role in supporting your immune system and promoting effective cell-to-cell communication.   I swear this is another sign!  Well, I will be doing more research.

Tomorrow is a big day, I will learn the recommended treatment plan and then I have some decisions to make.

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