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It is quite a snowy blowy day!    We are expected to get quite a dump of snow today/tonight but nothing like Newfoundland…  I saw pictures where buildings were almost completely buried in snow.  Yikes!!

I wanted to dedicate this blog to Reiki.  I have my Level 2 Reiki practitioner certificate that I may have mentioned in a previous post.   Back in November 2018, I never even heard of Reiki until I was able to get a complimentary treatment at a Cancer Retreat I attended.  I found it relaxing and it made me feel extremely uplifted.  That’s when I decided to learn about Reiki and arranged to get my Level 1, and then my Level 2 certification.   Level 2 enables me to practice on clients.  I haven’t decided if I am going to get my “master level” yet and it is a possibility.  This would allow me to teach others how to do Reiki but before I do that I want to get some hours under my belt and feel comfortable practicing.    I have really only practiced on immediate family.  I have just recently agreed to donate free sessions to the hospice I volunteer at…   I am really looking forward to giving these complimentary sessions. It is a win-win and hope to make someone’s day brighter and I know it will make me feel better too!

Here are a couple of images I found that will help explain what Reiki is and the benefits of it.


Just a note that the image above translates “Rei” as divine wisdom however I was told it is generally translated as “Universal”.  I was told “Ki” is “life force” or “prana” and sometimes called Ki, Qi.     Interesting, because I actually think it does mean “divine wisdom” particularly because in Italian the word “Re” means King.  I will have to ask someone that actually speaks and understands Japanese.  Reiki originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese man.

Reiki sessions are approximately 1 hour long.  The client lays down on a treatment table fully dressed.  The Reiki session is usually in a quiet, relaxing and comfortable setting. I tend to avoid unnecessary conversation in the treatment room.  The client is not suppose to cross their feet or hands as energy can be short-circuited.  The Reiki practitioner places their hands on, with permission, or over them.  There is no pressure, massage etc. There are approximately 12 hand positions but this can vary depending on the case.   Basically Reiki targets the energy fields around the body.

Traditionally the recommendation is to have 4 or 5 sessions which will give you time to evaluate the benefits you are receiving.  That said, it is really up to the individual. If someone is ill, recommendation is to have consecutive treatments.

After a typical session, clients feel refreshed, calm, have mental clarity and sleep well. Some clients may feel more tired than usual which is just the body’s natural way of healing.

Scientific Research  (from “Hands on Healing” book edited by John Feltman)

  • Various studies have shown that when a person’s wrist is gently held by someone else, heart beat slows and blood pressure declines.
  • Children and adolescents hospitalized for psychiatric problems show remarkable reductions in anxiety levels and positive changes in attitude when they receive a brief daily back rub.
  • The arteries of rabbits fed a high cholesterol diet and petted regularly had 60 percent less blockage than did the arteries of unpetted but similarly fed rabbits.
  • Rats that were handled for 15 minutes a day during the first three weeks of their lives showed dramatically less brain cell deterioration and memory loss as they grew old, compared with non-handled rats

There are actually quite a few different energy and healing modalities.  I may blog  about a few others in days to come.  I will likely continue to share some stories and experiences with Reiki.  All I know is it causes no harm and if it works with traditional medicine….why not be open to trying it.

My instructor gave us a verse from someone called Jalamanta that I want to leave with you.

The simple touch is the most healing act.

It tells us that we are willing to share the energy of our soul with another.

As helpful as science may be, one human touching another,

one soul sharing its light with another can restore the soul.

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  • I am amazed & proud how you put everything together and tell a story as it unfolds in your day to day life. It’s like when you are right beside me and we are having a conversation about anything and everything. Mostly you do all the talking. Your Dad,would say he never got bored when you went with him in the car for a trip somewhere. He’s probably smiling and listening from above. So, keep writing enjoy what you are doing and others will enjoy your read as l do, with it’s humor and lifes ups and downs and informative tid bits along the way. Love always Mom🤶

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