Sleep Hog


I am not sure if it’s the weather or dreary skies but I don’t have my usual energy.  I just feel like sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.   Yes call me a sleep hog or maybe something is hogging my energy.    Doctor said I am fighting a virus which is probably the case?!  I know I am not feeling up to snuff especially because I haven’t had the energy to zumba for a week.  I hope to get back to it later next week as I am away for a few days beginning of the week.    Are you affected by the lack of sunshine? You feeling tired?  I always find this time of year exhausting at the best of times.

I actually saw an article in Reader’s digest talking about fighting fatigue.  It actually said that if fatigue is accompanied with a fever it could indicate infection, while dizziness could be a sign of anemia.  It also mentioned “if the fatigue comes on suddenly and persists and is associated with unexpected weight loss or night sweats it may be a red flag for cancer.”   Well that confirms it, I can scratch cancer off the list!  It did come on suddenly,  I continually have night chills and sweats but with weight gain.  Figures!  Weight gain  because when I feel lethargic and tired, I figure food will energize me.  Comfort food!  Yes so my scale has tipped slightly in the wrong direction.  I will get back on track at some point….hopefully before it goes to far in the wrong direction.

I still had enough energy to head to my PFAC council meeting and my Breast Cancer support group earlier in the week.   That was invigorating.   I took some time this week to design a flyer to advertise the Breast Cancer support group meetings.  My co-facilitator and I plan on distributing the flyers at Doctor’s offices, the hospital and hospices. etc.

Interesting, I found out at the Canadian Cancer Society facilitator workshop that there is a Canadian Virtual Hospice, a site with information and support on palliative and end of life care, loss and grief.  The site is

This is somewhere where people without access to palliative care specialists can ask questions.  They have articles about managing symptoms, accessing financial benefits, and other topics to help people navigate the health care system.   It even has a research portal.   Amazing all the interesting information I am finding and learning.  In a couple of weeks, I go to the Hospice for an orientation and will get further details on that volunteer position I will be doing.  I may have to share that I found this virtual hospice site.

Anyway just a short blog today.   Since getting diagnosed with cancer, I try to pay attention to how I feel and all I can say is if you feel tired, just rest.   All you hear today is “self-care”.    My idea of self care is trying not to push myself if I feel unwell which is something I didn’t really do.   If I learned anything over the last year and a bit is that it is important to be “observant” and “pay attention” and dismiss nothing.   Obviously, if you continue to need to rest too much and for too long, it probably requires a trip to the doctor.    Also binge watching tv shows on Netflix is sometimes great for the soul.   Allow yourself to rest and re-fuel!

Have a great weekend!

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