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strongwomanThe emotional strain or drain upon learning you have cancer is unbelievable.    I would say it’s like feeling like one of the seven Dwarfs every day or you could switch into a different one ever hour.    I am mostly “Sleepy” and “Grumpy”.  I act like the “Doc” and do all my research with Dr. Google.   I can often be “Dopey” and occasionally “Happy”.    I swear I need meds…    Anyway, anyone that knows me, knows “Bashful” is rarely seen but can come out on certain occasions.   If I had to name myself, I am Nutty Nettie or Anxious Annettie.    I decided I need some support because of all these multiple personalities or moods.

I contacted the Cancer Society and decided I would attend a peer support group that supports women affected by breast cancer.   This group meets once a month every second Wednesday of the month but moved February’s meeting to Thursday Feb 15th because of Valentine’s day.     Just an awesome bunch of women!   It was a good experience meeting 3 other women that have walked the walk.  They are much farther along in their story than I am.   All with fantastic attitudes…  We can talk without filters which I don’t have…so I fit right in and of course you have to have breast cancer to be part of this great bunch.  So if you don’t have breast cancer, you are missing out….sucks to be you.     Breast cancer is such an epidemic…I am honestly amazed at how many people currently have and anticipate more will get breast cancer..   I guess the point of this post is if you are feeling like one of those dizzy dwarfs or all of them at the same time, try a support group.   It was good to hear their stories and I learned a few tips and felt I am not alone.   Each of them talk about that “helium head” or “Sleepy”  dwarf attributing it to the “emotions” of it all.  I am looking forward to next month.

They definitely understood “Anxious Annettie” because they said without having the oncologist appointment booked, how do you plan your life.  I have no idea of the next steps.   One gal assured me that the surgery likely removed most of the cancer cells and reduced immediate risk…which somewhat made sense to me.   This said, nothing is guaranteed in life but life goes on..and we need to chose to be positive..  Unfortunately, my “Negative Netty” always rears her ugly big head so I had to beat her into submission..I have had enough of her.   Therefore, I decided if I don’t get an appointment date by next week, I will talk to my GP and plan to go back to work.  I think work is where I can be distracted, makes some bucks and get some normalcy…even if for a little while.

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