Tiramisu – Pick me Up!

tiramisu.jpgYou want to feed your soul and have a pick me up?!  Hang out with a bunch of dames and play euchre and drink copious amounts of wine.   Great couple of days playing progressive euchre out in the boonies.   I  brought a Tiramisu which I made from scratch.   Tiramisu actually means “Pick me Up!” in Italian.  It is probably from those cognac, kahlua and espresso soaked lady finger cookies…..

Had to go for my monthly injection after my return from the wild euchre party and also met up with some of my friends that I met during the past year.   We headed to Kleinburg today and had a wonderful lunch.   Kleinburg is a small village in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.  It is the home to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, an art gallery focused on the Group of Seven.  Great place to visit!

Tomorrow, I am off to the doctor to get some follow up results from my pap smear and bloodwork and then off for a pelvic ultrasound.  The joys of preparing for a surgery! It will be the most action my pelvis will have had in a long time!

I am meeting up with a bunch of friends on the weekend that I met at a Cancer retreat that I attended last November.    It will be a potluck so I will probably make a Moroccan Chickpea Salad and bring some homemade savoury biscuits.   I should be called the Occasional Baker…    I don’t always feel like cooking or baking but if it’s something different I enjoy trying to make it.   Sometimes I don’t even follow the instructions correctly and somehow it still works out.

The title of my blog is called “LIVE LIFE” with Laughter which I changed from “Surviving Life”.    Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, sweet and flavorful but rather than surviving, I wanted to focus on having fun and thriving while I am on this earth!  It all starts within you!

Here are a few things to consider to increase the “fun” factor in our lives.

  1. Relax
  2. Pay attention and be observant
  3. Crack lots of jokes
  4. Be open to having fun
  5. Be spontaneous…sometimes planning can suck the life out of the fun
  6. Be creative and maybe try something you never have done before….
  7. Be adventurous

Think of some of the benefits of having fun.

  1. Relieves stress
  2. Actually keeps the brain working
  3. Helps relationships and keeps people connected
  4. Makes you feel young and energized
  5. May help with your creativity

For me, fun should be considered mandatory because it is a health benefit.  They do say, laughter is the best medicine.    I think it is important to incorporate fun in everything you do while at work, home or at play.   It isn’t always easy!   I think that’s why vacations are so appealing to everyone! When I think of vacation, I picture relaxing on a lounger by a pool, with a tall glass of gin and a tall blonde blue eyed man called Sven fanning me with a palm branch.   Yup vacation means relaxing and having fun!

That said, you can’t always go on vacation, or maybe you just can’t afford it.  So you have to use whatever opportunities you have.  I think as we go into the holiday season, and although, I haven’t ever kept any New Year resolutions…I may have one I can actually keep,  I resolve to increase my fun factor.

I know it sounds crazy, but since being diagnosed with breast cancer, I have had the most fun I have ever had…  Partly because I equate new experiences with fun.  Even if new experiences aren’t always fun while going through them, I often can look back and say there were some really good moments!  Plus there is a sense of accomplishment.  For example, I can say  “Wow, I managed to get through that and wasn’t that fun?”   Different life experiences = fun for me.

What do you do for fun?  Do you incorporate it into your life daily?





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