To Sleep or not to Sleep

minionsleep  I keep waking up around 3 a.m. struggling to fall back to sleep.  On Sunday, I decided instead of tossing and turning, I would just get up and blog.   That’s why I had 2 posts on Feb 18th.   Sometimes, I will get up and instead of swirling the thoughts over and over in my head, I write a to do list.   Once it is written, it stops me from continually replaying it in my mind.  Writing things down assures me I won’t forget and I can actually fall asleep again. I have to admit it doesn’t always work.   I know many people have insomnia…makes you wonder why?

Last night, I thought I slept more restfully because I didn’t see 3 a.m.  Yeah!  Ok so it was 5:30  a.m. but I went to sleep later like around midnight.   So I tossed and turned til about 8 or 9 a.m.  I figured I was more settled knowing Mike has Percy the parasite and nothing more serious.   That said, I realized we didn’t ask the doctor many questions like the type of parasite and whether it was easily transferable etc.   I told Mike to make sure to find out for my research purposes.  Percy is still on my mind because as I got out of the shower, Mike was walking toward the bathroom with his hand cupped.  I screeched what do you have, is that Percy in your hand?  Ok, I was feeling dopey hoping it is due to my poor sleep patterns.  He looked like I had three heads and said I trimmed my nails and am throwing out the clippings.  Phew…dah!

Being Family Day today, we decided to go out for lunch and to see the Black Panther movie.   We enjoyed it but boy I felt like I was hit by a bus when I got home.  Long movie 2.5 hrs.   I threw on my pjs at 5:30 p.m. and felt that internal chill like when my thyroid is off.  It feels like your internal thermostat is broken.   I have to hit the hay early tonight.

Apparently many things happen when we sleep like important restoration and strengthening.   Sleep is a requirement and people can survive 3 times longer without food than without sleep.

I hope to sleep tonight as I need to confirm the oncologist appointment because Mary said I had to call to confirm the time.  I wonder what would they do if I don’t confirm?  Would they give my coveted appointment away?  I plan on calling the Diagnostic imaging department to see if they can move up my bone scan to earlier and before the oncology appointment.   I will also see if I can do same for mammogram/ultrasound appointment.  I figure going back to work will have to wait til I hear details of my treatment plan.  There is really no sense going back now, especially if any of these appointments are shifted to this week and with my fatigue, I swear I would be asleep by noon or doze off in a meeting.  You can easily doze off in a dull meeting at the best of times..

It’s really about sleeping so you wake up refreshed and rested…and I can’t say I have had that lately.   Last restful sleep was when I was anesthetized for the lumpectomy.

Are you sleeping thru the whole night?  If not, think about what may be causing it?  I  know they say to plan and try sticking to a sleep schedule with the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends..but that isn’t always possible and not sure it will do the trick in my case.  All I can say is Cherish your sleep!  Good night!



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