We are finally off to the Races!!

I had a great day today..and rAnnual Run For Your Life 10 K.eally hope you did too!  First, my wonderful sister-in-law, came over and chatted with me for a few hours this afternoon… Very therapeutic and I am extremely grateful for her.  Talking helps…it really does.  So talk it out.   While we were chatting away during our therapy session , my new  bestie, Mary, from the surgeon’s office called.  She advised that the oncology appointment was booked for Feb 27th.   A mere 11 days, only 7 business days…  I know I got this now because I have a date.

I told Mary that I was wondering when I would hear from her today and I was so overjoyed to hear her voice, in my delirium, I swear I made plans to meet up with her one day soon.  I just may stop in and see her.  She works in a very busy office and probably could use a coffee or a hug.

I can’t explain how relieved and happy this makes me….  I was wound up like a top so to finally get an oncology appointment feels like winning the lottery.  I felt I was waiting for paint to dry or a kettle to boil….but I was the only one blowing my top. Ok, maybe I sound crazy but who do you know that doesn’t have issues?  I own mine!    Patience is a virtue.

I think it is because I can NOW make plans.  I am a Project Manager by trade and we are all about the plans.   We plan for the worst and hope for best.. There is a Plan A, Plan B, Contingency plan, Succession plan, Back up plan, a plan for a plan.  I feel like a huge load has been lifted..   The 3 wise women I met at last nights’ support group said the oncologist presents the “master treatment plan”.   I do have to remember to keep my expectations low as don’t want to get disappointed.  Plus like any project manager knows, a plan is just a plan and it can change or be adjusted along the way.

We are now off to the races…I will hear options and statistics and make choices.   No matter what, we are human and must feel in control even if things feel beyond our control.  I will consult with my posse of friends and relatives and weigh the pros and cons.  It is a great day!   Plus I had 2 slices of pizza when I was suppose to be doing a “cleanse”…fab day!


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