What the heck are Chakras?

As part of my Reiki training, I was introduced to chakras. If you read about them you will see slight variations or interpretations but they all involve energy flow. They are basically energy centers in the body that helps regulate it. There are 7 chakras, each covers different parts of the body.

Basically chakras have been around for generations and continue to benefit people to this very day. Chakras, by definition, are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to the immune system and emotions. The seven chakras are positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency, color, and have specific functions that help make you..YOU.

You are energy. All things living are made of energy. The ability of your energy centers to function keep you psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually balanced.

Root or Base-Located at the base of the spine around the anus & is associated with the color RED represents vitality.

This chakra helps you digest foods properly.  It influences your digestive functions, bones, teeth and sexual health.  Also affects your ambition & drive to move forward in your life.   The root is said to be the foundation of all the other chakras.  The recommendation is to open this chakra before trying to open and heal the other ones.  If this is open you will begin to feel safe about yourself and won’t fear anything that happens in your life. 

  • Root =Grounded

Sacral-base of the pubis and linked to the color ORANGE, represents happiness, creativity, attraction. It is said to affect emotions such as desire, pleasure, and sexuality.  This is suppose to give us the ability to feel compassion, have balanced emotions and be intimate with others. 

This affects the body’s live, kidneys, spleen and autoimmune system.  It also helps control your creative functions.

  • Sacral=Creative functions

Solar Plexus-this is between the naval and sternum and is linked with the color YELLOW, and represents intellectual thinking.  If this is balanced, you will have feelings of confidence, intelligence and energy and a desire to be productive.  This chakra looks after the upper abdomen, your liver, and the stomach.  If this is unblocked, you are said to have good physical energy and good digestion.

  • Solar Plexus=Confidence

Heart-this is located in the chest and is linked to the color GREEN, and represents unconditional love. If this is open, this will give you a feeling of being complete and compassionate. It is responsible for emotions like, hope, trust, forgiveness, empathy and love. 

  • Heart=love/connection

Throat-this is located in the throat and linked with the color BLUE which represents loyalty, confidence, truth, and trust. This influences how you communicate. When this is open you will be able to express yourself well and with confidence.  It influences the throat, teeth, thyroid and mouth.

  • Throat=express yourself with confidence/truthful/honest

Third eye is at the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows and linked with the color indigo, which represents wisdom, self control, and spiritual awareness.  If this is open it allows you to listen to your intuition.  Third eye is about staying open and being more observant.  This helps you visualize what you want to do with your life. It influences your neurological system, eyes, ears etc.  If this is balanced, there is possibility of psychic abilities. 

  • Third eye=intuition, see & know all, clear and organized thoughts

Crown-is at the top of the head and is linked to the color white or violet. When balanced you will feel intelligent, open-minded while having a much easier time learning new things.  If this chakra is open you will feel at peace.  

  • Crown=Understand my life’s purpose 

All 7 chakras are critical to your emotional and mental health. They each work separately but they all have to stay open if you want to be healthy and at peace with your life.

If one chakra doesn’t work, it will weaken the other ones. 

Above info was paraphrased from a book I am reading called CHAKRAS, A complete guide to Chakra healing written by Kristine Marie Corr.  I am learning a lot about chakras..  In a future blog I will discuss signs and symptoms that your chakras are blocked.

When I learned Reiki, we didn’t focus on the Chakras but focused more on the various hand positions which are aligned to the chakras.  In any event, I will end this blog with the following quote that I saw….  

“Reiki is the best vibration for helping someone to relax well and deeply. Relaxation is key to human health and recovery because it initiates our natural and innate healing abilities. It is when we are truly relaxed that true healing can take place.”
― Chyna Honey

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